Thermokill Heat Treatment™

Thermokill Heat Treatment™

THERMOKILL™ is a chemical-free treatment that kills Drywood Termites, Powderpost Beatles, Bed Bugs and other insects through the targeted application of heat. Thermokill delivers safe, heated air to any enclosed space. Our proprietary system circulates the heated air throughout the space, penetrating walls, wood beams, ceilings, floors, cabinets, doorways, closets and furniture where these insects live—eliminating eggs, larvae and adults. We call this penetrating heat – DragonFire.

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Thermal Treatment Kill Point

High-temperature, flexible ducting is used to bring the heat into the structure allowing the propane heater and propane tanks to remain safely outside. Specialized fans, capable of operating in extreme heat, circulate the air throughout the structure, eliminating stratification, and forcing the heated air into hard to reach spaces like cabinets, closets, under furniture and inside drawers.

The heat is maintained above the temperature required to kill the targeted pests for a period of time allowing it to penetrate deeply to the core of wood beams, wood molding and trim and all targeted areas. Strategically placed heat sensors and thermal imaging technology are used to accurately measure and record the process, ensuring even heat distribution. Following the treatment, a detailed report is produced to demonstrate heat exposure at the correct temperature for the required time.

Benefits of Thermokill™

  • Targeted application: Treatments can include rooms, crawlspaces or whole structures.
  • Minimal disruption: Single, quick and efficient treatment that typically takes less than a day to solve pest problems. Treated areas can be used directly afterward.
  • Minimizes costs: Structural and non-structural members of the building as well as furniture can be treated, saving you the cost of disposal and replacement.
  • Reduces the use of pesticides: our treatment is non-toxic and pesticide-free, making it especially suitable for sensitive environments such as food preparation areas, nursing homes and hospitals.
  • Suitable for most building types: Can safely be deployed to most structures. A Thermokill™-trained specialist will conduct a thorough site assessment, recommending suitability and most effective approach.