Yacht Pest Control

Yachts Have Bug Problems

Stay on top of the problem before infestation occurs

Yachts and other sea vessels are not immune to pest problems –  Crew members of big yachts that travel from port to port, to Europe, the South Pacific, and the Caribbean, don’t know what to do when they have a pest problem in a foreign port. They often call the local agent that looks in the phone book and finds a company that doesn’t have the knowledge and experience to treat these pests.

Ocean Pest Control knows how to treat pest problems on boats, and we can help you in any part of the world, through regular virtual inspections, Zoom, or WhatsApp. We will fly in equipment, treatment chemicals, even personnel if needed. We will research and provide local support however possible.

Our treatment is based on the size of the vessel.

Subscription options coming soon!

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