Successful Pest Control Starts Outside

Managing pests on the exterior of the structure is critical to a successful pest control program.

These action steps may include exclusion, physical repair, harborage reduction, sanitation and trapping methods as well as pesticide applications such as crack & crevice, void, space, spot, direct contact, baiting and general perimeter treatments.

OPC knows the areas where pests can enter and where conditions exist which are favorable for pest populations. These areas include: underside of decks, pipe penetrations, utility rooms, crawl spaces, garbage areas, entries, eaves, debris or wood piles, planters and bushes and trees.

OPC has several products that remain effective in the harsh environment of our tropical weather. These products are applied to exterior perimeter of the home.

Safe for your family and pets, these applications are highly effective at eliminating the target pests. Rain or intense sun cannot diminish their effectiveness.

Ocean Pest Control
Ocean Pest Control

Inside Your Home Is The Last Place You Want To See Bugs Or Rodents

To protect your investment, our home packages include both exterior and interior treatments. Ants, roaches, spiders, mice and rats are happy to live inside our homes and businesses. Once inside, they will never need to go outside again. They are content to live their entire lives inside our homes. We have very effective and safe protocols to eliminate these infestations. For a typical home of up to 3,000 sq. ft. our Silver Package begins at $85/month for both an interior and exterior treatment for crawling insects.

Our Gold Package adds rodent control for homes that are feeling pressure from mice and rats. This Gold Package begins at $105/month.

We have a Two-Punch Knockout for Mosquitoes

Zika, Chikungunya, Dengue, Heartworm are scary words. We can reduce your risk with our mosquito protocol. Our Platinum Package includes everything from the Silver and Gold packages and adds our proven mosquito control treatment. This treatment, developed by the University of Kentucky Entomology Department and Syngenta Corporation combines two powerful active ingredients. The first kills the adult mosquitoes and the second stops mosquito eggs and larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes. One treatment can reduce mosquito pressure by as much as 80% for up to a month. Prices start at $140.

Ocean Pest Control